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The debate about the rule of law of Hungary has been going on in the European Union for a very long time. In my petition entitled "The enforcement of European Union consumer protection directives in Hungary in foreign exchange loan procedures", that I sent to the European Parliament Committee on Petitions, I describe the most serious disadvantages affecting the Hungarian foreign exchange borrowers. The petition has been registered under number 0493/2021.


In middle of April, Ukrainian foreign exchange borrowers contacted several European foreign exchange organizations. We prepared a short summary of the Hungarian foreign exchange lending. Eight organizations wrote letters, as another way of helping Ukrainian foreign exchange borrowers. Up to now, we are still eagerly waiting to see what changes will happen to the case of our Ukrainian peers. They are in a special situation, because they are not members of the European Union, they are not protected by EU consumer protection rules.


At the end of May we drew up an analysis at the request of the Slovenian foreign exchange borrowers.